Karkinos Healthcare

Karkinos Healthcare joins openEHR as Industry Partner

Karkinos Healthcare joins openEHR as Industry Partner

openEHR News | Nov. 9, 2021, 11:34 a.m.

We welcome Karkinos Healthcare who have joined openEHR as Gold Industry Partners.

Based in Mumbai City, India, Karkinos is a comprehensive oncology platform that provides world class cancer care, whose mission is to provide healthcare solutions where almost no person is deprived of care, for lack of access or affordability.

CEO Mr. Venkataramanan Ramachandran said, “We are pleased to be an Industry Partner for the openEHR community. Karkinos has chosen openEHR standard for building our oncology-focused technology platform. This enables us build an open data standards based oncology specific clinical data repository offering flexible, future proof and interoperable way of maintaining clinical records.”

About OpenEHR

‘openEHR’ is the name of a technology for e-health, consisting of open specifications, clinical models, and software that can be used to create standards, and build information and interoperability solutions for healthcare. The various artefacts of openEHR are produced by the openEHR community and managed by openEHR International, an international non-profit organisation originally established in 2003 and previously managed by the openEHR Foundation.

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